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Different people have different Visual Preferences. Matching these preferences, maximizes the likelihood that your intended viewer will choose your design over others. Whether you're creating a brand, product, TV channel, website, billboard, stage, interior, or outfit, knowing your target market's current visual taste will help you create designs that appeal to your audience for reasons beyond their understanding, satisfying their unconscious habits, tastes and desires.

Every unique BluPrint™ by VisualTargeting® will show you the exact color hues, shapes, sizes, line thicknesses, complexity levels, contrasts, and every other major design characteristic, that your exact target audience is actively choosing right now, allowing you to empower your designs by leveraging your markets' unique Visual Preferences.

You'll be able to create new designs that outperform the past, and make small changes that cause instant, sustainable boosts to your bottom-line performance.

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Visual Targeting® technologies exist to improve the level of happiness, joy, length and quality of life, for every person who is alive today and will be tomorrow.

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