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The only strategic design tool that accurately discovers, prior to design, exactly which visual style will appeal most to your target audience.

The only design innovation that gives you access to 11 trillion visual trends, in 25 billion markets & 180 countries, giving unparalleled power.

The only solution of its kind that relies on actual Consumer Choices and Behaviors instead of guesses and "what would you do?" questions.

The only 100% visual design research method, which reflects the innate nonverbal nature of visual style, bringing forth unprecedented insight.

The only innovation of its kind that is scientifically proven to increase design and advertising performance by up to and above 1000%.

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Visual Targeting® is the World's Industry Standard in Visual Style, Trusted by Fortune 500s, Businesses, Bestsellers, Celebrities, in 181 World Nations.

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UNITED STATES PATENTS 20,140,258,874 / 20,190,265,845 / 8,473,586 / 10,289,259 / 10,684,736