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Conclusion. Current research strongly supports the main hypothesis that the visual taste of a group and its match to a visual style, as measured by VisualTargeting® technology, can predict whether the design is chosen or rejected by a particular audience. The higher the match coefficient between the audience's group visual taste and the design style, the higher the probability of the visual style being chosen over competing designs. The results of all statistical tests applied and discussed showed the highest levels of confidence.

Thus, VisualTargeting® technology is highly effective at measuring, predicting and enhancing the appeal of visuals shown to audiences, independent of content or artistry, as well as predicting audience response to particular designs and styles. VisualTargeting® increases customer satisfaction by ensuring the match between visual style preferences and successful product advertisement designs.

Visual Targeting® is the World's Industry Standard in Visual Style, Trusted by Fortune 500s, Businesses, Bestsellers, Celebrities, in 181 World Nations.

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