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THE GOAL Kraft Foods came to Ogilvy&Mather with a unique request to reintroduce Post's 67 year old1 "Shreddies" brand cereal as a leader, without having any news about the product to work with, and while keeping in mind that Focus Groups showed2 that Shreddies' customers liked it the way it was.

THE STRATEGY Ogilvy&Mather rotated the Square shaped Shreddie by 45 degrees, turning it into two adjacent Triangles rather than one Square, and calling the new product "Diamond Shreddies." Real life market research videos that you can view above, show people finding the Triangular shape to be "better," "crunchier," and "more flavourful." All this was done "without changing Shreddies in design, formulation, size or any other way."3

THE RESULT The campaign won the Canadian Marketing Association's 2008 "Best of the Best" Award, and took home gold medals in the "Creative Budget Over $100,000" and "Brand Advertising" categories. More than 2,000 marketing professionals from around the world gathered at the Harbour Castle Hotel4 to witness The CMA Awards Gala, the largest marketing awards event in Canada, for which more than 640 other brands competed.5 144 marketing experts served as Judges for this prestigious award.

THE BOTTOM LINE The Square Turned Triangle "Diamond Shreddies" campaign generated tremendous value for Kraft Foods. This campaign generated more than 265 press stories covering the "All New Diamond Shreddies," and Kraft Foods saw an immediate 18% increase in baseline sales of Shreddies within the first month alone, and for months thereafter.6 By turning a square shape into a triangular shape, Ogilvy&Mather reintroduced a 67 year old brand in a first class fashion, and established boosted sustainable profits for Kraft Foods.


This Case Study shows that by simply changing one Visual Element of your product to look more Triangular than Square, even an age old established brand like Post's Shreddies Cereal can see immediate and sustainable growth of 18% in just one month. By more closely matching their target market's Visual Desires, Kraft Foods received an immediate boost in sales, resulting in millions upon millions in immediate, additional and ongoing profits.

VisualTargeting® multi patented methodologies are proven beyond reasonable doubt to raise bottom line visual advertising & design performance not by 18%, but by as much as 400% to 1000% and higher, by matching the entire and comprehensive set of any Target Market's Visual Desires. In fact, VisualTargeting® technologies research more than 33 unique elements for each Target Market, including Shape, and study their exact Visual Response Patterns.

One can only imagine what can happen to the growth of newer innovative products, with matching more than the Shape Preference to guide the visual process, the move which made Shreddies famous again, and in addition leveraging all the most essential Target Markets' Visual Style Preferences.

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